SCANDIA fireplace stove Ivona, steel, 6 kW – gray


Product Highlights

  • Decorative heat source for indoor use
  • High nominal heat output for efficient heat distribution
  • With viewing panel made of heat-resistant glass
  • Tea compartment for keeping drinks warm
  • Made of robust sheet steel


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Product details


Area of use: indoor
Shape: angular
weight: 74 kg
pane shape: straight
Series name: Ivona
Color of external cladding: gray
EcoDesign 2022: No
Body color: gray
Manufacturer color designation: cast gray
Color outer cladding: cast gray
Energy efficiency class Scale: Scale A++ to G
Color body: gray

Technical data

Exhaust gas mass flow: 6,4 g/s
flue gas temperature (max.): 395 °C
Type of fireplace/stove: A1
Fuel length (max.): 36 cm
CO2 emission: 10.81 g/m³
Energy efficiency class: A
Required discharge pressure: 13 Pa
Heating capacity (max.): 6.5 kW
Heat output (min.): 3 kW
Nominal heat output: 6 kW
Dust content: 32 mg/m³
Efficiency: 73,5


height: 92,4 cm
width: 49,4 cm
Depth: 35,8 cm
Firebox width: 40 cm
Firebox height: 29 cm
Firebox depth: 28.5 cm
Depth from rear edge to center of top flue pipe socket: 13 cm
Stove width: 49.4 cm
Stove height: 92.4 cm
Stove depth: 35.8 cm
Pipe diameter: 150 mm
Safety distance back: 30 cm
Safety distance sideways: 40 cm
Safety distance front: 100 cm

Material details

Material inner lining: fireclay
Body material: sheet steel
Material cladding: steel

Functions and equipment

Fitting direction: left
Ash container: Yes
Ash grate: Yes
Equipment details: Tea compartment, Wood compartment
Automatic control: No
Fuel: logs, lignite briquettes, wood briquettes
Continuous fire: No
Air supply: primary, secondary
Pipe connection: top
Window: Yes
Storage stones: No
Locking: 1-point
Water-bearing: No
Time fire: Yes
Equipment: Tea compartment, Wood compartment


DIN/ISO/EN: 13240
Classification according to BImSchV: 2nd stage BImSchV
Test number: FSPS-Wa 2340_EN
2nd stage BImSchV: Yes
DIN EN 13240: Yes
DINplus: No
Ö-Norm § 15 A: No
Munich standard: Yes
Regensburg standard: Yes
VKF Switzerland: No


Installation instructions: A fireproof base is required for installation, otherwise a steel or glass base plate.


Scope of delivery: stove, stove glove



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